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A "rio" canal in Venice and the Italian flag

Italy is one of the most beautiful and most visited countries in the world. It was the hearth of the Reinassance, the “Bel Paese” which  means beautiful country. From North to South, Italy offers spectacular landscapes that satisfy both sea and mountain lovers.

Italy is relatively small but is extremeny varied. You’ll need years to visit all the interesting cities and sites. We suggest to choose one city from where you can move around. For Rome we suggest minimum one week, for smaller cities also a weekend is fair enough.

Italy can be visited through the entire year. Tourist will enjoy the warm weather and the beautiful beaches and islands in summer and have fun skiing on the Alps mountains in the winter. Check the single cities for more details and tips.

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Top cities to visit in Italy

Discover the best cities of Italy and best places to visit.

The country of Italy

Capital Rome
Time in Italy UTC11 (CET)

Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST)

Language spoken Italian
Religion (2020) 84,4% Christianity

11,6% No religion

1,0% Islam

3,0% Others

Population (2020 estimate) 60.317.116 (2020 estimate)
Unesco World Heritage Sites 58

Italy is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. It holds the record for the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It has 58 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and in addition to them UNESCO recognizes Italy’s intangible cultural heritage. The country hosts some of the most visited cities in the world: Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Naples.

Where is Italy?

Italy is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, in Southern Europe. It’s a peninsola delimited by the Alps in the north, where it share borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. The rest of the peninsola shaped like a boot is coast and islands surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Adriatic Sea.

Corners of history everywhere

In italy, wherever you are, you can discover historical evidence of some  past event. Past history can be felt in every church, in every building built in a certain historical period. You will not find a city that is not proud of being able to tell its story through its beauties and testimonies in the open air. In Rome, of course, there are tangible evidences of the Roman Empire, and each city tells through art the various dominations it has undergone throughout history. Foreign domination have greatly influenced the culture of the country and its architecture: Sicily has clear Arab influences, and so on.

Why Italian food is so famous around the world?

There are several reasons why Italian cuisine is so famous around the world. Among the main reasons: the quality, simplicity, freshness and unique taste of the products used. Undoubtedly at the national level there are dishes that characterize  the whole of Italy but it is in every region that one can find dishes from the millenary tradition that have no equal in the rest of Italy. Each region has its own representative dish obviously paired with some good wines of which the country is an excellent producer considering the long food and wine tradition of Italy. There are various dishes  based on pasta, meat and then go for the exquisite pizza, delicious cheeses or excellent desserts. As for desserts, in addition to the classic national ones such as tiramisù, there are regional desserts characteristic of certain periods of the year ( for example, Carnival or Easter and Christmas desserts… )

Italian: the language of music and love

Italian is widely considered as one of the world’s most romantic languages. Italian  derives from Latin and has a very musical rhythm which is why it has been used successfully both in prose and in verse and in music. The opera is still sung in Italian today and Italy is considered the homeland of bel canto.