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Elephants at the Bioparco. Villa Borghese, Roma

Bioparco: keeper in front of two elephants. Photo © Bioparco

Bioparco di Roma is a 17-hectare (42-acre) zoological garden located on part of the original Villa Borghese estate in Rome. There are 1,114 animals of 222 species maintained. It is the oldest zoological garden in Italy. The zoo dates back the early 1900s but the idea of transforming it into a biopark dates back the late 90s. A biopark is a structure that conserves a natural resource, which is a strip of territory or a group of animals at risk of extinction, and carries out scientific research with greater respect for animal rights and often also carries out environmental education activities.

A quick visit will take you a couple of hours but you can safely enjoy this corner of nature in the heart of the city even longer: if you have children you can easily spend 5 or 6 hours in the biopark even if it is not very big. The best time to visit the  Bioparco is early in the morning when the zoo opens, or later in the afternoon before closing in such a way as to find fewer visitors around the animal enclosures. Keep in mind that it can get quite hot in the summer months, so take plenty of water and stop regularly in the shaded areas.

Bioparco Rome is a member of EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) and WAZA(World Association of Zoos and Aquariums), two important international organizations dedicated to education and conservation. Facts about each species can be found at each enclosure,  lots of information relating to the wildlife trade, habitat fragmentation, organic farming and more. Your Bioparco Rome tickets will help the zoo continue its mission to educate people and help protect some of the most vulnerable species in the world.

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What is the Bioparco Rome?

It is the oldest zoological garden in Italy. 

When was the zoo built?

The zoo was conceived in 1908 to hold exotic animal species for exhibition. Unlike other zoos at the time which mainly worked for scientific criteria, this zoo was designed for the entertainment and amusement of the people. The zoo covered 12 hectares (30 acres) and was erected in the northern part of the Villa Borghese estate; it was opened on 5 January 1911.

The zoo was designed by Carl Hagenbeck, a German merchant of wild animals,  who had already opened a zoo in Hamburg Stellingen. The park was built in the style of that in Hamburg: ditches and pits instead of bars, and generous green spaces.

When the zoo was transformed in a biopark? 

The idea to transform the zoo into a biopark was first suggested in 1994. In 1997, a master plan was produced based on the principles of the Gilman Foundation. In April 1998, the organization Bioparco S.p.A. was established to be financed through the city of Rome with 51%, from Costa Edutainment with 39%, and from Cecchi Gori with 10%.

 What is there to see at the Bioparco?

The Bioparco  hosts both exotic animals such as giraffes,tigers, lions, zebras, chimpanzees, wolves and brown bears as weel as rarer animals from the 5 continents such as macaques and tamarins, lemurs, Himalayan thar or Komodo dragons.

General informations

Useful information for your visit to the Bioparco.


It is located on part of the original Villa Borghese estate in Rome.The address is:  V.le del Giardino Zoologico 1

Opening hours

To visit the Bioparco the times are as follows:

  • Monday -Friday: 09.30 am- 06.00 pm
  • Saturday- Sunday: 09.30 am – 07.00 pm

How to get to the Bioparco

To reach the Bioparco:

Trams:  n° 19 – stop ‘Bioparco’

Metro: red line, station Flaminio and Spagna (click to see the guide to the Metro)

Buses: n° 3, 52, 53, 926, 217, 360, 910*

Taxi: an effective way to get around Rome (click to see the guide to taxis in Rome)

Limo service (NCC): (click to see the guide to limo services in Rome)

Attractions nearby

  • Borghese Gallery (350 m)

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