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Prague Castle

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Prague Castle

View of the Prague Castle and the Saint Vitus church

Prague Castle, used as an imperial palace around 1300, when Bohemia was a power at European level, represented the absolute power of the sovereign who dominates his subjects from above, from the top of the hill overlooking the city.There are several things worth noting: the Cathedral of St Vitus, the Romanesque basilica of Saint George, the royal palace and other solemn buildings that contain fabulous art treasures. Finally the curious Golden Lane lined with houses that look like those of the seven dwarfs: it is said that the alchemists in the pay of King Rudolf II worked here, with the specific task of transforming the vile matter into gold.

The Prague Castle can be visited yearround. If you can, avoid weekends. Early mornings or late afternoons during the weekdays are your best bet for the smallest crowds. The best time to visit the castle is until 9 am or after 5pm. You should consider at least 2-3 hours to visit the castle but the time depends on whether you want to visit only the outside or also the inside. The castle grounds are very extensive; therefore, visitors will need several hours to see it. Just think that it corresponds to over 7 football fields.

It is important to remark that the castle grounds are entirely free to visit. There are some areas you need a ticket to enter, but most of the castle grounds are free to visit. These areas include multiple courtyards, gardens, the Deer Moat and more.

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What is the Prague Castle?

Prague Castle is a castle complex built in the 9th century. It is the largest ancient castle in the world. Nowadays it is the official office of the President of the Czech Republic. The castle was a seat of power for kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors, and presidents of Czechoslovakia. The Bohemian Crown Jewels are kept within a hidden room inside it. The castle has an area of almost 70,000 square metres (750,000 square feet), at about 570 metres (1,870 feet) in length and an average of about 130 metres (430 feet) wide.

When was the Prague Castle built?

The foundation of the city of Prague dates back to the construction of this castle. The history of the castle began in 870 when its first walled building, the Church of the Virgin Mary, was built. Thanks to its strategic location, it immediately became the centre of the region and the chosen residence of the Bohemian monarchs. 

What is the Prague Castle used for?

In 1918, after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian empire, the castle became the presidential seat of the first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, and since then it has become the official residence of the presidents of the Czech Republic.

How and when does the changing of the guards take place at the castle?

The ceremonial Changing of the Guard including a fanfare and the flag ceremony happens daily at 12.00 noon in the first courtyard of the Castle. The sentries at the gates of the medival castle change on the hour from 07.00 to 20.00 in the summer season and from 07.00 to 18.00 in the winter season.

General informations

Useful information for your visit to the Prague Castle.


It is located on the west bank of the river Vltava. The address is: Prague Castle, 119 08 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Opening hours

To visit the Prague Castle the times are as follows:

  • April – October:
    Prague Castle complex: 5 am – 12 midnight
    Historical buildings: 9 am – 5 pm
  • November – March:
    Prague Castle complex: 6 am – 10 pm
    Historical buildings: 9 am – 4 pm

How to get to the Prague Castle

To reach the Prague Castle:

Tram stop: Prazsky Hrad, line 22.

Attractions nearby

  • Hradčany (100 m)
  • St. Vitus Cathedral (143 m)
  • St. Nicholas Church (386 m)
  • Golden Lane (435 m)
  • Malá Strana (485 m)

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