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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a popular tourist destination in Europe. Discover the country, the landscapes and the picturesque city of Prague.

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Czech Republic

Český Krumlov and its famous castle

Located in the heart of Europe, the “Land of 1000 Hills” owes its image to many emperors and artists, but especially to “Mother Nature“, being one of the few places in the world where so many wonders have gathered in such a small area. The varied landscape, the nightlife, but especially the history that has left its mark on the medieval cities are enough reasons for a holiday in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic has become one of the most visited countries in Europe in recent years. Classical architecture, relatively low prices, huge cultural heritage and good food are the most important arguments for visiting a country that, although not going out to sea, knows perfectly how to attract many visitors.

In Czech Republic the summer is very busy. If you choose the off-season, ie the period between November and March, you will be able to admire all the objectives more easily. In addition, if you opt for a visit to the Czech capital during the Winter Holidays, you will not regret it. The city has one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.

This country is not as you would imagine: it is full of mystery and adventure. It has beautiful bars, wonderful hotels, plus many sights and tourist activities to try. The weather is good and the locals are really welcoming. You can easily reach all the tourist attractions and taste the nightlife after a day of exploring. In short: travel destinations in the Czech Republic are perfect!

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Top cities to visit in Czech Republic

Discover the best cities of Czech Republic and best places to visit.

The country of Czech Republic

Capital Prague
Time in the Czech Republic


Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST)

Language spoken Czech
Religion (2021)

47,8% No religion 

11,7% Christianity

Population 10,701,777 (2021 estimate)
UNESCO World Heritage Sites 12

Czech Republic has 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The main cities are: Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Pilsen. 

Formerly part of the Austrian Empire in the 19th century and Czechoslovakia in the 20th century, the Czech Republic is a country rich in historic cities and symbol of the bohemian culture.

Where is Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in central Europe. It is a country with varied natural beauty, legends, and living traditions, but also historical monuments that reflect its rich past. Surrounded by Austria, Poland, Germany, and Slovakia, this country has capitalized on all that nature has to offer.

The Golden City

Prague is called this because of its beautiful cathedrals and their pointy spires.

Medieval architecture

Brno is a city in the Czech Republic now known for its modernist architecture. Despite this, in Brno you can still be fascinated by history. For example, when you visit Spilberk Medieval Castle and St. Peter and Paul Cathedral with Baroque altars.

Olomouc is also a beautiful town located in Moravia, a province in the east of the Czech Republic. Here you can visit the Gothic Cathedral of St. Wenceslas and the Episcopal Palace on Wenceslas Hill. Architecture lovers can also look for the 6 baroque fountains in Olomouc.

The land of spas

The spa triangle includes the cities of Karlovy Vary, Marianské Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne. The Czech Republic has a very long spa tradition behind it and springs scattered almost everywhere.The activity of the spas is mainly concentrated in the treatement of specific pathologies. Karlovy Vary spas are world-class excellence as well as being the largest, most important and most visited spas in the Czech Republic. There are a total of 60 sources scattered around the city, 13 of which belong to centers specializing in the treatement of diseases related above all to the digestive and locomotor systems, as well as metabolism, diabetes and many others. Frantiskovy Lazne with its 23 sources is specialized in the treatement of gynecological diseases, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases as well as oncology programs. Instead Marianské Lazne deals with treating a larger number of phatologies: respiratory diseases, diseases of the urinary, digestive and renal systems, nervous and metabolic disorders. There are still other spas throughout the country.