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9/11 Memorial & Museum

Pay your respects at the solemn 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York City. A powerful tribute to the lives lost and a reminder to never forget.

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The 9/11 Memorial & Museum in Manhattan, New York City, stands as a solemn tribute to the lives lost and the impact of the 9/11 attacks. It serves as a place of remembrance, reflection, and education, honoring the victims and telling their stories. The museum’s exhibitions provide visitors with an immersive experience, showcasing artifacts, personal testimonies, and multimedia presentations. The memorial, with its twin reflecting pools, offers a sense of serenity and serves as a powerful reminder of the event’s significance. A visit to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum is a deeply meaningful and essential experience for all who seek to understand the impact of this tragic event.

Consider purchasing tickets in advance to avoid long lines at the entrance.

For an optimal experience, allocate enough time to explore the museum’s exhibits and take a moment to reflect at the memorial pools.

How to best experience 9/11 Memorial & Museum?

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9/11 Memorial & Museum: a tribute to resilience

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum in Manhattan stands as a poignant testament to the tragic events that unfolded on September 11, 2001. This memorial and museum pay tribute to the lives lost and the indomitable spirit of the American people.

Exploring the 9/11 Memorial & Museum

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum offers a deeply moving experience that allows visitors to remember and reflect upon the events of September 11, 2001. The site encompasses the twin reflecting pools, which are situated in the footprints of the original Twin Towers. These serene pools are surrounded by bronze panels inscribed with the names of the nearly 3,000 victims of the attacks.

Inside the museum, visitors can explore extensive exhibits that detail the events leading up to 9/11, the day itself, and its aftermath. The exhibits include personal artifacts, photographs, and audio recordings that offer a comprehensive understanding of the tragedy and its ongoing impact.

Honoring the Heroes

One notable section of the museum is the Memorial Exhibition, which pays tribute to those who lost their lives. This exhibition serves as a remembrance of each individual through personal photographs and mementos shared by their family and friends.

Understanding the Impact

The Historical Exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of the events leading up to 9/11, including the rise of Al-Qaeda and the background of the hijackers. It also sheds light on the immediate aftermath and the long-term effects on various communities.

The Survivor Tree: A Symbol of Hope

Amidst the tragedy, one symbol of hope emerged from the wreckage of the Twin Towers. The Survivor Tree, a Callery Pear tree, was discovered severely damaged but alive after the attacks. It was nurtured back to health and now stands as a resilient testament to survival and rebirth.

The Survivor Tree is located on Memorial Plaza, near the South Memorial Pool. Its presence serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Best time to visit the 9/11 Memorial & Museum

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., except on Tuesdays, when it opens at 2 p.m. This allows for ample opportunity to visit at your convenience. However, it’s important to note that the museum can get crowded, so visiting during weekdays or early mornings may provide a more peaceful experience.

Is the 9/11 Memorial & Museum worth visiting?

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum holds immense historical and emotional significance as it commemorates one of the most tragic events in modern history. Its exhibits and solemn atmosphere provide a powerful and thought-provoking experience for visitors.

While the museum may not be suitable for young children due to the sensitive nature of its content, it is undeniably worth visiting for individuals and families seeking a deeper understanding of the September 11th attacks and their impact.

A Tribute to Remembrance

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum serves as a tribute to the lives lost and a reminder of the resilience of the American people. It creates an opportunity for reflection and a space for healing. Whether you have a personal connection to the events of 9/11 or simply wish to pay respects, a visit to this memorial and museum is a profound and impactful experience.

General information

Details for your visit to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum


The 9/11 Memorial & Museum is located at:

180 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007, United States.

Opening hours

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum is open:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Tuesday: 2 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Friday and Saturday: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Please note that these hours are subject to change, so it’s advisable to check the official website before planning your visit.

How to reach the 9/11 Memorial & Museum


If you plan to visit by car, it is recommended to utilize nearby parking garages such as the Liberty Plaza Garage located at 10 Liberty St, New York, NY 10005.

Route Distance Travel time
From John F. Kennedy International Airport 19 miles 35 minutes
From LaGuardia Airport 15 miles 30 minutes
From Times Square 3.5 miles 15 minutes
From Central Park 5.5 miles 20 minutes

Public transport

Using the local public transport is highly recommended for reaching the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.

Route Distance Travel time
From Grand Central Terminal (walk) 1.5 miles 30 minutes (walk)
From Statue of Liberty (metro) 1 mile 15 minutes (metro)
From Times Square (bus) 3 miles 25 minutes (bus)
From Empire State Building (bus) 2 miles 20 minutes (bus)

Nearby Attractions

When visiting the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, consider exploring these nearby attractions:

  • The Statue of Liberty (550 meters / 0.3 miles)
  • Wall Street (1.2 kilometers / 0.8 miles)
  • Battery Park (1.5 kilometers / 1 mile)
  • Brooklyn Bridge (1.8 kilometers / 1.1 miles)
  • One World Observatory (2.4 kilometers / 1.5 miles)
  • Times Square (6.3 kilometers / 3.9 miles)
  • Central Park (10 kilometers / 6.2 miles)
  • Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) (7.5 kilometers / 4.7 miles)
  • Empire State Building (7 kilometers / 4.3 miles)
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art (10.5 kilometers / 6.5 miles)
  • Brooklyn Museum (18.5 kilometers / 11.5 miles)
  • The High Line (6.2 kilometers / 3.9 miles)

Common questions

What is the history behind the 9/11 Memorial & Museum?

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum is a powerful tribute to the victims of the September 11 attacks in 2001. It commemorates the nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives during the attacks and provides a space for reflection and remembrance. The museum showcases artifacts, exhibits, and personal stories of resilience, highlighting the impact of the tragedy on the world. It serves as a testament to the strength and unity that emerged from the events of that day.

What can I see at the museum?

At the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, you can see a wide range of artifacts, exhibits, and interactive displays that provide a deep understanding of the September 11 attacks and their aftermath. Some notable things to see include the Last Column, the Survivor Stairs, the Memorial Exhibition, the In Memoriam exhibition, and the Foundation Hall. These exhibits present a comprehensive narrative of the events, honoring the victims and heroes while educating visitors about the impact of the attacks.

Can I visit the 9/11 Memorial without entering the museum?

Yes, you can visit the 9/11 Memorial without entering the museum. The memorial consists of the twin reflecting pools, which are located in the footprints of the original Twin Towers. The pools are surrounded by bronze panels inscribed with the names of the victims. Visitors can pay their respects, observe the pools, and reflect on the tragic events that occurred on September 11, 2001.

How long does it take to visit the 9/11 Museum?

The length of time it takes to visit the 9/11 Museum can vary depending on your level of interest and engagement. On average, visitors spend about two hours exploring the museum. However, if you wish to thoroughly experience all the exhibits and take your time, you may want to allocate three to four hours for your visit.

Are there guided tours available at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum?

Yes, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum offers guided tours led by knowledgeable and experienced guides. These tours provide deeper insights into the exhibits, artifacts, and stories showcased in the museum. The guides provide a comprehensive overview of the events of September 11, 2001, and the impact they had on the world. Attending a guided tour can enhance your understanding and appreciation of the memorial and museum.

What is the significance of the Survivor Tree?

The Survivor Tree is a Callery pear tree that miraculously survived the devastation of the September 11 attacks. It was discovered amongst the wreckage, severely damaged and burnt. However, after being nurtured and rehabilitated, it made a remarkable recovery. Today, the Survivor Tree stands tall as a symbol of resilience and hope. It serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the ability to overcome even the most tragic circumstances.

Is photography allowed inside the 9/11 Museum?

Photography is allowed inside the 9/11 Museum, but there are some restrictions to ensure the respect and solemnity of the space. Tripods and other professional photography equipment are not permitted, and the use of flash is prohibited. Additionally, visitors are asked to refrain from taking photos of other individuals without their consent. It’s important to be mindful and respectful of others while capturing memories of your visit.

Can I bring food or drinks into the museum?

No, food and drinks are not permitted inside the 9/11 Museum. This policy helps maintain the cleanliness and preservation of the exhibits and artifacts. However, there are dining options available nearby, both within the museum complex and in the surrounding area. Visitors can take a break to grab a bite to eat before or after their visit to the museum.

Is there an entrance fee for the 9/11 Memorial & Museum?

Yes, there is an entrance fee for the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. However, it’s important to note that the memorial itself is free and accessible to the public. The entrance fee is charged for admission to the museum, which helps support its operation and maintenance. There are different ticket options available, including discounted rates for seniors, students, and first responders.

Can I visit the 9/11 Memorial & Museum with children?

Yes, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum welcomes visitors of all ages, including children. However, it’s important to consider the sensitive nature of the exhibits and the emotional impact they may have on young visitors. Parents and guardians are encouraged to use their discretion and prepare children for the experience by providing age-appropriate explanations and guidance. The museum also offers resources and activities designed specifically for children to enhance their understanding and engagement.

Are there any restrictions on items I can bring into the museum?

Yes, there are some restrictions on items that can be brought into the 9/11 Museum. To ensure the safety of visitors and the preservation of the exhibits, certain items are prohibited. These include backpacks, large bags, suitcases, and other oversized items. Additionally, weapons, explosive materials, and flammable liquids are strictly prohibited. It’s advisable to review the museum’s guidelines before your visit to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Can I purchase tickets in advance for the 9/11 Museum?

Yes, it is recommended to purchase tickets in advance for the 9/11 Museum to secure your preferred time slot and avoid long wait times. The museum can experience high levels of visitor traffic, especially during peak hours and weekends. By purchasing tickets in advance, you can plan your visit more effectively and have a smoother entry experience. Online ticketing options are available on the official website of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.